VIA Rail Prestige Class

VIA Rail Prestige Class is an exciting level of elegance and premium comfort on The Canadian sleeper train. Travellers enjoy an all-inclusive service experience. In Prestige class, you’ll get personalized service from a dedicated Prestige Concierge. You’ll also stay in a spacious cabin with extra-large picture-windows, flat screen tv, and private washroom with shower. 

Close up of the front of VIA Rail Canadian train travelling through the forest

You can see some of the most amazing terrain in North America on The Canadian train. Travel across the rugged Canadian Shield, past endless Prairie fields and the towering Canadian Rocky Mountains. This is a bucket-list trans-Canada trip, and Prestige Class is the best way to experience the journey.  

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The Canadian Prestige Journey 

The Canadian Prestige Journey includes luxury, personalized service from start to finish. Enjoy private airport transfers, private tours in your stopover destinations and — of course — Prestige Class on VIA Rail’s sleeper train between Jasper and Toronto. You’ll also discover Jasper and Banff national parks and the best of the Canadian Rockies. 

Miles covered on train: 2,762   
Days on train: 4   
Nights on train: 4 


Canadian Cross Country Journey 

On this trip, sleep onboard The Canadian train for four nights as you travel across the country, from Vancouver on the West Coast to Toronto in Eastern Canada. Spend four days admiring the changing scenery and tasting locally inspired cuisine on the train. Choose to explore Vancouver and Toronto on small group tours. 

Miles covered on train: 2,762   
Days on train: 4   
Nights on train: 4 

Canadian Cross Country Journey in Winter 

Take a sleeper train across Canada during winter and see the snowy Canadian Rockies. In Toronto, choose to visit Niagara Falls shrouded in ice, and in Vancouver, explore the local rainforest and surrounding mountains. With two hotel nights in each city, and a four-night train journey, this is the perfect trans-Canada winter adventure. 

Miles covered on train: 2,762   
Days on train: 4   
Nights on train: 4 

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Polar bear cartoon looking through a pair of binoculars
Polar bear cartoon looking through a pair of binoculars

What’s included in the Prestige Class Cabin

A double bed with four pillows inside a Prestige Cabin on VIA Rail Canadian train

Available between Toronto and Vancouver, Prestige Class is a luxury experience. This unparalleled encounter with nature comes with personalized attention. It's an inspiring way to admire Canada's beautiful landscapes. Enjoy attentive, personalized concierge service throughout your trip. Priority reservations for onboard dining and priority boarding at the train station gives Prestige Class travellers complete peace of mind. Savour the all-inclusive treatment, with refined dining and complimentary drinks service. 

Features of Prestige Class:  

  • Personalized concierge service throughout your train journey
  • The Prestige Sleeper cabin, which is 50% larger than the cabin for two in Sleeper Plus class, for the duration of your train journey 
  • Priority reservations in the dining car
  • Delicious meals prepared by onboard chefs every day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Pre-dining appetizers and snacks, arranged by your Prestige concierge
  • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, hot and cold drinks
  • Access and reserved seating in the Prestige Park Car, which is an excellent viewing area
  • Complimentary bar service, snacks, and activities in the Prestige Park Car 
  • Access to the Skyline Car, another viewing area 
  • Priority boarding and priority check-in at major stations
  • Access to Vancouver and Toronto station lounges
  • Baggage registration service

Included in the Prestige Class Cabin: 

  • A comfortable sectional couch, facing an extra-large picture window for incredible views (this is the daytime cabin set up)
  • A fold-down bed for two with turndown service (this is the evening cabin set up)
  • Private washroom with wash basin, shower, and toiletries 
  • A flat-screen TV with video selection
  • Small cooler cabinet/mini bar that can be stocked with a selection of beverages

Not Included:

Prestige Class is VIA Rail's premium service, so it includes all The Canadian train has to offer. Wi-fi is not included, as there is no wi-fi and limited cell service on the train.

Gratuities are not included. All gratuities are at your discretion, so feel free to tip your server in the dining car and the agent responsible for your cabin in the sleeping car. Note: the crew does change several times on the journey between Vancouver and Toronto. 

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#1 Travel tip: Relax in the Park Car

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For the best views, head to the Prestige Park Car — choose from the upstairs dome section or the downstairs bullet lounge, both areas have large windows and comfy seats.

Blog Author - Hannah Poaros-Mcdermott
Hannah Poaros-McDermott
Travel Writer and Senior Content Coordinator

The Canadian Train Prestige Class Journey [with map]

The Canadian train travels from Toronto to Vancouver, or from Vancouver to Toronto. Stops include Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Jasper. The route traverses five provinces over four days and four nights. This is the only passenger sleeper train that goes across Canada. You can travel in Prestige Class in either direction. 

Map of the VIA Rail Canadian train route from Vancouver to Toronto

VIA Rail’s Prestige Class Interiors and Photos

Side view of a double bed with a breakfast tray in front of a large window in a Prestige Cabin

The Prestige Cabin is more elegant and spacious than the Sleeper Plus Cabin for two. In fact, it is 50 percent larger.

Instead of the armchairs that are featured in Sleeper Plus cabins, inside the Prestige Cabin, there is a modular L-shaped leather sofa which faces an extra-large window. During the evening, this sofa is changed into a murphy bed for two, which also faces the window. This is great for couples who would like to share a bed and not climb into the upper bunk of a Sleeper Plus cabin.

L-shaped sofa in front of a large window inside a Prestige Cabin on VIA Rail train

The Prestige Cabin also features a mini-fridge stocked with beverages, a flat-screen TV with videos, and a power outlet. The heated cabin floors maintain a comfortable, constant temperature. There is also a small private washroom with a shower, wash basin, fresh towels, and amenities. There is a small shelving space and a thin, long hanging cupboard where you can hang up a few clothing items. There are also coat hooks on the back of the door.

Though the Prestige Cabin is larger than the Sleeper Plus cabins, it is still smaller than a hotel room. When travelling on The Canadian train, you should only bring small carry-on suitcases and personal items into the cabin with you. Your large luggage items will be checked in at the train station. There is limited space in the hallways and cabins of the train, and large luggage is difficult to manoeuvre in these narrow spaces. The less amount of luggage you bring onto the train, the more comfortable your onboard experience will be.

The cabin is the perfect place to relax with a book, play a game, sleep, and gaze at the beautiful scenery outside your window. It offers complete privacy and comfort, so you can arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. You can even enjoy breakfast in bed if you do not want to go to the dining car — ask your Prestige concierge to arrange this.

Our VIA Rail Prestige Class photos on this page show the interior of the cabin and the different train cars.

#2 Travel tip: Perks of Prestige Class

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In Prestige class, you’ll get priority boarding, priority check-in and access to Vancouver and Toronto station lounges. So, you can start relaxing before you even step onto the train!

Louise Weiss
Director of Legendary Hospitality

About Prestige Class Menu

Menu on a table next to the windows in the dining car of VIA Rail’s Canadian train

The VIA Rail Prestige Class menu includes main meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) served in the dining car. The 1950s vintage dining car features tables with white tablecloths, flowers, menus, and elegant table settings. It is essentially a restaurant onboard the train.  

Enjoy three-course gourmet meals for lunch and dinner. There are always options to choose from, including a meat dish, a fish dish, and a vegetarian dish. These meals on The Canadian train are cooked by onboard chefs and are made using fresh Canadian ingredients. You can enjoy a glass of local beer or wine with your meal. There is a range of hot and cold beverages available. All drinks are included in Prestige Class. Guests with special diets, allergies and other requirements can request special meals in advance.  

Both Prestige Class and Sleeper Class guests are served their meals in the dining car. It is likely you will be seated with other passengers during meal service. This is a great way to make friends on the train and share your Canada travel stories.  

Prestige Class passengers will have priority reservations for meals in the dining car. To accommodate all Sleeper Plus and Prestige guests, there is more than one seating per meal. In Prestige Class, let your attendant know if you prefer to eat in the earlier or later seating. 

Drinks sitting on the bar in the Prestige Park Car on the Canadian train

In Prestige Class VIA Rail, you can ask your Concierge for extra drinks and snacks if you get peckish. Before main meals, there is an additional appetizer service for Prestige guests, too. There also is a bar and lounge area in the Prestige Park Car where you can order drinks. You won’t go hungry in Prestige Class, no matter what your dietary requirements are! 

Prestige Class Compared with Sleeper Plus and Economy Class

Wondering why you should pick Prestige Class over Sleeper Plus or Economy? Here’s a quick comparison. 

Rows of seats and domed windows of the Skyline car on the Canadian train


Prestige Class 

Sleeper Plus Class 

Economy Class  


Spacious cabin with L-shaped leather sofa in the day, a large lower bed for two at night 

Cabins for one or two with comfortable seating in the day, and fold-down upper and lower bunks at night  

A reclining seat only 


Private washroom with shower in the cabin 

Access to a public shower (one per car) 

No access to a shower  

Food and beverages 

All meals in the dining car included. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and snacks included  

All meals and non-alcoholic beverages in the dining car included. Alcoholic beverages available for purchase  

No food or drink is included. Light meals, and beverages are available for purchase  

Before the train  

Priority boarding and priority check-in at major stations 

Priority boarding  

Normal boarding 

Station Lounge Access 

Access to the station lounges before departure and upon arrival 

Access to the station lounge before departure 

No access to the lounge 

Onboard Experience 

Unrestricted access to Park Car and other viewing cars, like the Skyline Car  

Access to the Park Car (specific times only during peak season), and other viewing cars, like the Skyline Car  

Access to the Skyline Car only 

Extra services  

Concierge and turndown service  



Best time to travel in Prestige Class

Every season is a good season to experience Prestige Class. The best time to travel in Prestige Class depends on what Canadian scenery you’d like to see. Summer is the most popular time for travellers to embark on an across Canada trip, due to the pleasant weather and longer daylight hours. Winter provides a magical experience. Snuggle up in your Prestige Cabin, travel past snow-capped mountains and watch flurries fall outside your window.  

Close up of a train window with view of mountains, forest and river in the summer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the VIA Rail Prestige Class cost?

The cost of a Prestige Class trip varies and depends on the departure date, season, and train route. Added excursions and hotels at the start and end of your trip are other factors that affect price.

As an example, the deluxe level of our Cross Country Journey includes Prestige Class and starts from $6,990 USD per person. Alternatively, our Prestige Journey trip is the complete luxury experience and starts from $17,590 USD per person. Please contact one of our Vacation Advisors to get a personalized quote and find out more about the VIA Rail Prestige Class price.

Most Canadian Train Vacations trips that feature VIA Rail’s Canadian train can be customized to include an upgrade to Prestige Class. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the price difference between Sleeper Plus and Prestige!

What is prestige class on the Canadian?

Prestige Class is the highest-class level on The Canadian train. It is a premium experience that features a spacious private cabin with a L-shaped sofa and a murphy-style bed. Meals and concierge service is included. Prestige Class is available between Vancouver and Toronto, or Jasper and Toronto.

What size is the bed in VIA Rail Prestige Class?

It is a double bed, so can sleep two people. This is the largest bed size on a VIA Rail train.

Is Prestige Class better than First Class?

There is no “First Class” on VIA Rail trains. Prestige Class is a luxury all-inclusive experience on The Canadian train (between Vancouver and Toronto) and is VIA Rail’s highest level of service. If you usually travel in First Class or Business Class, then Prestige Class might be right for you.

Can you bring food on VIA Rail Prestige Class?

You can bring your own food and drink onto the train, though all meals are included in Prestige Class so you may not need to. Snacks and drinks are served to you by your own concierge in between mealtimes. This is one of the many perks of choosing Prestige Class.

Can you shower on VIA Rail?

You can shower on VIA Rail’s overnight trains, including The Canadian. For Sleeper Plus passengers, there are public showers spread out across the train cars. For Prestige passengers, Prestige cabins include a private ensuite with shower. It is important to note that the ensuite washrooms in Prestige cabins are small, and so, the shower area is also small. Towels and soap are provided for your convenience.

About the author: Hannah Poaros-McDermott is the Senior Content Coordinator at Fresh Tracks Canada. She has previously written for and shared her local knowledge in Where Vancouver, Where Whistler, and Essential Vancouver magazines. Originally from the UK, Hannah travelled... Read more

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