Canadian Train Tours for Seniors

When it comes to travel for seniors, nothing compares to a scenic train vacation. There are many exceptional Canadian train trips for seniors to choose from, where you can relax in your spacious seat and enjoy meals and drinks, and chat with your travel companions as majestic views roll past your window. 

A senior couple looks out at the view from the outdoor platform on the Rocky Mountaineer train

The service surpasses that of other travel options. There are full-service meals, gourmet food and friendly waitstaff. Plus, Canada offers unmatched sight-seeing opportunities. All of the details of the journey will be organized for you, giving you absolute peace of mind. When you return home, you'll have plenty of wonderful stories to share with your family. 

At Canadian Train Vacations, we have extensive experience planning custom senior travel tours. Canada truly does have something to offer everyone, whether you're an active adult looking for adventure or someone who prefers to relax with a glass of wine and a good book. 

Our agents have the inside track on the best accommodations and activities throughout the country, ensuring that your custom itinerary takes you on the trip of your dreams. We also understand how to accommodate a wide range of mobility and accessibility needs. So, sit back and relax, knowing our expertise in VIA Rail deals for seniors and Rocky Mountaineer vacations will be all the help you need.

Best Canadian Train Trips for Seniors

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Circle the Canadian Rockies by Train 

Circle the Canadian Rockies by Train is one of our most popular trips for seniors. It gives you a minimum of 12 days of exploring and lets you experience Canada's most stunning sites. You'll visit Banff and Jasper National Parks, have a chance to ride two gondolas and make a stop in Whistler along the way. With a wide variety of accessible activities and plenty of opportunities to relax, this itinerary truly is one of the best Canadian train tours for seniors.

Miles on train: 1,311 Miles 

Days on train: 5 

Train Stops: Vancouver, Whistler, Quesnel, Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise, Kamloops  

Nights on Train: n/a 

Complete Canadian Rockies by Rail 

Who says you can't be adventurous? The Complete Canadian Rockies by Rail itinerary takes you from Vancouver to Calgary, with stops in Kamloops, Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff. Excursion choices include sight-seeing boat cruises, wildlife tours, and even a motorcycle-sidecar tour. When it comes to train travel in Canada for seniors, this journey offers it all. 
Miles on train: 559 Miles 

Days on train: 2 

Train Stops: Vancouver, Kamloops, and Jasper  

Canadian Cross Country Journey 

The Canadian Cross-Country Journey is one of the best Canadian Rockies tours for seniors. It takes you from Toronto all the way to Vancouver, travelling through Canada's Prairie provinces and showing you the best the region has to offer. You'll even get to visit Niagara Falls when you're in Toronto. Highlights include time on the Canadian, VIA Rail’s famous sleeper train.  

Miles covered on train: 2,762

Days on train: 4

Nights on train: 4 

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Polar bear cartoon looking through a pair of binoculars
Polar bear cartoon looking through a pair of binoculars

What Makes a Canadian Train Tour Ideal for Seniors

A VIA Rail train host serves wine to a senior couple in the dining car
  • The best Canadian train tours have leisurely itineraries with ways to personalize your vacation to your needs and interests. Whether you want to walk on an ancient glacier, spot bears in the wild, or relax at the spa, Canada offers a wide range of experiences and has many trip options to choose from.
  • More seniors are looking for accessible adventures that allow them to see new sights, meet interesting people and go somewhere they've never been before. Rail trips for seniors fit the bill perfectly.  
  • Baby Boomers on average take 4-5 leisure trips per person, even more than Generation X! So if you're a Boomer, you'll be in good company.  
  • VIA Rail trains have been upgraded to make them as accessible as possible for travellers with mobility issues. Every train has a cabin that is wheelchair-accessible and is equipped with grab-bars in the washroom and tie-downs.  
  • If you are retired and can travel whenever you want, it's a smart idea to aim for the shoulder season of April to mid-June or September and October. You'll avoid the crowds and the heat of the summer.  
  • Rail vacations for seniors are gaining in popularity. Why deal with traffic or rush through multiple airports when you can find fun trips for seniors over 60 and let someone else worry about the driving?
  • The best train trips for seniors include on-board meals while enjoying the scenery (and wildlife  sightings) right outside your window.
  • Forget about struggling with heavy bags, flagging down cabs or searching high and low for a destination that fits your needs. Canadian train vacations for seniors make everything as easy as possible.
  • Travelling by train is both comfortable and accessible. The trains feature spacious, bucket-style seats with lumbar support, onboard amenities and assistance with luggage.  Accessible cabins (if available) help make the travel experience more enjoyable for those with limited mobility.
  • As one of the best Canadian tour companies for seniors, Canadian Train Vacations can even arrange accessible excursions, ensuring you have a great vacation regardless of your mobility restrictions.
  • You’ll love the relaxed pace of train travel paired with leisurely itineraries during your trip. This will give you ample time to enjoy the scenery around you instead of focusing on frequent packing and unpacking compared to other typical tours.
  • The shared dining cars and potential organized activities on the train are also a great way to socialize and connect with other travelers.
  • You won’t need to participate in strenuous excursions to enjoy stunning landscapes! Canadian train vacations for seniors offer scenic routes that can easily be viewed from the train, from Vancouver to Banff or Across Canada through the Rocky Mountains and prairies. 

#1 Travel tip: Get specialized meals

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Many of our suppliers can make accomodations for dietary considerations. Notify your vacation advisor when booking your trip.

Blog Author - Athena McKenzie
Athena McKenzie
Content Manager

Planning a Senior-Friendly Train Adventure

Senior couple with walking poles go hiking through the forest during fall

Our travel experts at Canadian Train Vacations can help you plan a customized trip to suit your needs. It is best to book early for the best choices in excursions and accommodations. As well, consider booking your trip during the shoulder season of April to mid-June or September and October. This is a great way to still enjoy the good weather while avoiding the crowds. 

When it comes to packing before for your trip, opt for versatile clothing that can be layered for any changes in temperature. It is also recommended that you bring comfortable walking shoes for any of the tours and excursions. As well, remember to pack essential medications or items, such as reading glasses, sun protection and a water bottle. 

During any Canadian rail trips for seniors, there are many things you can do to help elevate your journey. No matter where you sit, the views on the train are incredible. You’ll be able to take in the towering Rocky Mountains and flowing rivers from your own seat. If you get too tired from sitting, take breaks to stretch your legs by exploring the train. You can even head over to the observation dome cars or viewing platforms for a different viewing perspective.

#2 Travel tip: Consider accessibillity

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If mobility issues are a concern, consider the popular SilverLeaf service on Rocky Mountaineer. There are no stairs and meals are served at your seat.

Louise Weiss
Director of Legendary Hospitality

Additional Considerations When Choosing Train Trips for Seniors

When planning a train trip, there are a few things to consider. Since seniors are more vulnerable to injuries and health issues or may have pre-existing health conditions, it is important to be mindful of your health insurance coverage when traveling. Travel insurance can cover things like unexpected events and cancellations or losses during a trip. It’s essential that seniors have the necessary protection in place so they can enjoy their trips without any worries or concerns. 

If you have mobility limitations, our travel experts at Canadian Train Vacations can help accommodate you during your trip. They can help coordinate with train companies in advance for any specific assistance required. This includes using the hydraulic lift to board the train, booking an accessible cabin, and having staff assist you to transfer between your passenger seat and your wheelchair. 

Solo seniors traveling by train can enhance their vacation by joining organized group tours specific to their age group, offering companionship and access to expert guides. There are many options available for Canadian tours for seniors. Solo senior travelers should also prioritize safety by securing belongings, choosing accessible accommodations, and fostering connections with fellow travelers and staff. As well, keep family members or friends informed about your travel plans and regularly check in with them during your trip. Consider carrying a cell phone or other communication device for emergencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a group tour?

This is not a group tour, but rather a fully supported independent trip. All of the details of your trip will be organized and booked for you.

You'll be free to explore at your own pace and choose your route, but you'll have the peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your vacation has been organized in advance.

Can diet restrictions be accommodated?

Yes, special dietary needs can be accommodated on most routes. Whether you require a meal that is vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, low-sodium or low-cholesterol, it may be possible to order this in advance.

We will do our best to meet your request whenever we can. So, please contact us with your travel details and your dietary requirements as soon as possible so that we can let you know if your needs can be met during the trip you would like to take.

Are rail vacations accessible?

Even if your mobility is limited, you will be able to enjoy this style of travel. The friendly staff are happy to help you with boarding and meals will be served to you in your cabin. If you're wheelchair-bound, you won't be able move around the train, as the corridors are quite narrow, so you'll spend the most of your journey in the cabin.

Are there tours for seniors travelling alone?

Absolutely! These Canadian train trips for seniors are ideal for independent travellers who want to see the sights in style. Whether you're exploring Canada on your own or travelling with a companion, one of these rail trips for seniors is sure to suit your needs.

Are there maritime tours for seniors?

Halifax and other coastal destinations have a variety of maritime attractions. Depending on which itinerary you choose, we may be able to arrange a maritime tour as an add-on.

Are these tours for seniors all-inclusive?

Canadian rail trips for seniors include meals on the train, excursions, transfers from the airport and the train ride itself. We can help you arrange meals for days you're not on the train.

Are these escorted tours for seniors?

These Canadian tours for seniors are designed for independent travellers, but there are guides available on the Rocky Mountaineer. You'll also have an experienced guide with you on privately arranged tours and excursions.

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