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Trips in the Canadian North and Artic

Breathe in the crisp air, observe the icy ground as the sunlight bounces off the snow, and be mindful of the peacefulness around you. Our Canadian Insiders help you create an adventure that combines the desolate beauty of the north, with its most magnificent sights, from unique wildlife, like arctic fox and polar bears, to the awe-inspiring aurora borealis.

Highlights of the region

Polar bear running over the snow

Discover the true kings of the north

The Inuit people of Canada’s far north call the polar bear Nanuk, meaning ‘Animal Worthy of Great Respect.’ Others say ‘Titan of the Tundra.' Whatever you call it, awe is what you will feel upon first encountering this mighty animal.

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Our Canadian Insiders talk with you to match what you love and what you want to experience with the best of Canada – from all those can’t miss sights to the hidden gems you can only discover from someone who really knows the region.

We plan and book your entire trip so you can just enjoy, after all, it’s your adventure. And, if you need any advice or assistance during your trip, we’re only a phone call away and always more than happy to help.

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Polar bear lying on the ice. Churchill, Canada.

Chasing polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba

From far away, it’s difficult to spot a polar bear. Their yellowish-white fur blends perfectly with the snow and ice that covers the desolate tundra, and they appear like nothing more than lumps of snow or pale rocks.

Up close, there’s no mistaking a polar bear for a lifeless object. You can see huge muscles that ripple underneath a robe of thick fur, long claws that scrape across the ground as they walk, and dark, curious eyes that peer up at the windows of your Tundra Buggy.

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