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Bucket List Canadian Train Trips

These scenic train rides are world famous

Canada is home to some of the best train trips on the planet. And our Canadian travel experts have put together this carefully curated list of the most popular, well-reviewed train vacations available today.

These journeys take you through awe-evoking scenery, while ensuring that you are pampered with great service and delicious food along the way. Whether you are looking for a whirlwind weeklong tour through unmissable highlights, or a longer odyssey across prairies, mountains, coast and beyond — you'll find your perfect experience in the list below.

So take a look at our suggested itineraries, get inspired and then contact us to start planning your dream scenic train vacation.

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A guide for those researching a Canadian train journey

Train travel in Canada is like a tour. If you're wanting to see the best of Canada then there's no better way than by taking the train.

Most of the trains run every few days. This allows you to enjoy a scenic train journey, then get off to explore in the best destinations. You'll stay in hotels overnight when you're not on the train.

  • Discover unparalleled views – See wildlife and the best sights in the Canadian Rockies where there are no roads.
  • Achieve ultimate relaxation – Melt back into your luxurious seat. Enjoy the exquisite food, wine, and views.
  • Enjoy opportunities to explore – At almost every destination. From trekking through ancient glaciers to helicopter tours.
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There is one true trans-continental train route across Canada, travelling through most major destinations.



These are some suggested train experiences for your Canadian adventure

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