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Overnight Sleeper Train Trips

Traveling from coast to coast, the VIA Rail train takes passengers through some of the most amazing terrain in North America

Experience an overnight train ride through Canada's most iconic scenery. See wildlife and the best sights from the train's full-glass viewing carriages. Enjoy your own private cabin where you can sleep, sit and relax, and enjoy the views.

There's something special about sleeping on the train. Stretch out in your soft, plush bed in your private cabin and let the gentle rocking of the car lull you into a deep sleep. With nothing but the rhythm of the rails and the quiet of the endless wilderness around you, you'll fall into a slumber that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for tomorrow's adventures.

Depending on the train, your cabin will either have separate beds, or a couch-style seat that will be folded down into a bed at night.

Our Vacation Advisors have slept on many trains across Canada, so if you have any questions about train sleeper cars please ask us for advice.

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Quick facts about overnight trains

  • There are two train routes in Canada which allow you to sleep on the train. Travel between Vancouver and Toronto on The Canadian train, with stops in Jasper or Winnipeg. Or travel the East Coast of Canada on the Ocean train from Montreal to Halifax
  • Both Canadian sleeper train routes are available all year long
  • Some sleeper trains in Canada are equipped with special panoramic viewing cars to provide you with the best view of the scenery day or night
  • Enjoy meals included as you travel across country by train
  • Common areas and lounges allow you to mix and mingle with fellow passengers

Sleeper Cabin Train Routes

There are two VIA Rail routes within Canada where you can enjoy sleeper train service. Travel across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto on the Canadian Train or visit the east coast of Canada and travel overnight on the Ocean Train from Montreal to Halifax.
Route map of the Canadian Train

The Canadian

Vancouver to Toronto

Hopping a ride on this train is the ultimate way to discover how big and beautiful Canada is. 'The Canadian' was the flagship of the Canadian Pacific Rail line when it began service in 1955. Travelling from Toronto to Vancouver, the Canadian carries you from the forests of Ontario, through the sweeping fields of the Prairies and past the dramatic snow-capped Rocky Mountains

Sleeper Train Service Levels

Onboard VIA Rail Canadian and Ocean trains, the main level of service is Sleeper Plus Class with comfortable private cabins. On the Canadian route passengers can also upgrade to Prestige Class for a higher level of luxury.

VIA Rail Sleeper cabin for two with bunks beds beside a window, a laptop on the lower bunk, and a vanity mirror and door.

Sleeper Plus Class

Enjoy a private cabin for your journey across Canada. Cabins are available for 1 to 4 people, and typically include bunk-style beds. With a comfortable armchair that converts to a bed in the evenings, travel with complete comfort and privacy. Each cabin has its own private washroom.

On the Canadian Train, sleeper plus passengers have access to a shared in-car shower. Onboard, enjoy gourmet fine dining meals in the dining car and complimentary fruits and cookies in the lounge cars between meals. Priority boarding and access to the station lounges in Vancouver/Toronto starts your trip off right. Access to the Panorama and Skyline Cars provides spectacular views as you travel across country.

On the Ocean train, relax in your cabin and look out the large picture window as you cross the rural landscapes of the Maritimes and Quebec. Join fellow guests for hot meals in the dining car, and ask your attentive hosts about available times to visit the lounge car.

Interior of the Prestige cabin with a set bed and chocolates on the duvet.

Prestige Class

Prestige Class is available on the Canadian Train from Toronto to Vancouver. Enjoy all-inclusive service, from pre-dining appetizers to complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. An exclusive concierge service tends to your every need and provides a turndown service every night. Additionally, reserved seating in the Panorama and Prestige Park Cars means you never miss a view.

The Prestige Sleeper cabin is 50% larger than the cabin for two in Sleeper Plus class. It features an extra-large window and has its own private washroom with shower.

A modular leather L-shaped couch transforms at night into a Murphy bed for two facing the window. The electric radiant heated cabin floors and walls maintain a comfortable, constant temperature.

Train Experiences

These are some suggested train experiences for your Canadian adventure
VIA Rail's Canadian Train going through the Rocky Mountains

VIA Rail Train

The VIA Rail trains connect Canada from Vancouver to Halifax, with four different train routes. Major city stops include Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Jasper, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and Halifax. The trains run year round. Depending on the route, they offer daylight or overnight sleeper train experiences.

Places To Visit By Sleeper Train

Canada was built along the historic Canadian Rail system, so it makes sense that many major Canadian cities are easily accessible by train. With train stations often centrally located within these cosmopolitan cities or remote towns, it is easy to explore the best of Canada by train.
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British Columbia

Vancouver is a delightfully liveable city throughout the year, but it really shines in the summertime. You'll have the best of both worlds - the culture, dining and shopping of a world class metropolis and mountains and hiking trails right on the doorstep. The climate of Vancouver is also ideal in the summer — not too cold, but also not scorching hot. It's just the right temperature to treat yourself to some ice cream as you wander around the city.

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