Quebec Train Tour: Explore Charm

Many Canadian train trips include Quebec tours in their itineraries, making it easy to explore this culturally vibrant province. Quebec is distinctly different from the rest of Canada. It has its own cultural and linguistic identity — making it a truly unique place to visit.

A view of a lively street in Old Quebec City and row of buildings with historic Chateau Frontenac in sight

Discover the province's Old World European charm: ornate balconies, terroir-obsessed wineries and a passionate food scene. Then go beyond the edges of the cities, where the wilderness is dense and untamed. Moose lumber through mossy marshes, humble cabins line the lakeshores and wolves howl on cold, clear nights. 

The train between Montreal and Quebec City travels along the banks of the St. Lawrence River and, combined with one of our exclusive itineraries, offers an opportunity to enjoy everything this beautiful province has to offer. 

At Canadian Train Vacations, our travel experts are here to help you assemble a custom trip that includes all the best sights in Quebec. Whether you want to stroll around Old Montreal, stay at a historic hotel, or learn about Indigenous culture, you can rely on our expertise in choosing train routes and add-on excursions. 

3 Most Popular Quebec Train Tours

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Montreal and Quebec City Getaway by Rail 

While we have many train packages to Quebec City, this suggested five-day itinerary gives you a cultural immersion in the beautiful urban centres of Quebec City and Montreal — two of the most unique places in Canada. You'll enjoy the charm and sophistication of Quebec’s museums, restaurants and historic sites. 

Miles covered on train: 144 miles  

Days on train: 1/2 day 

Nights on train: 0 nights  

Canada Eastern Rail Classic 

Along with exploring Quebec on your train trip, this eight-day suggested itinerary lets you explore Nova Scotia and includes a scenic ride through New Brunswick. You’ll visit Halifax, one of the most popular destinations in the Maritimes. As you ride on The Corridor and The Ocean trains, you'll enjoy stunning views of Quebec's countryside before stopping in Quebec City to experience its Old-World vibe. After arriving in Halifax, take the opportunity to explore Nova Scotia's coastal wonders, such as Peggy's Cove and the South Shore. 

Miles covered on train: 836 miles  

Days on train: 1 day 

Nights on train: 1 night  

Canadian History and Culture by Rail 

Canadian History and Culture by Rail is one of the most popular Quebec train routes available, as it includes stops in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. Before you set off on your Quebec train ride, you'll get to explore the province of Ontario, including Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake, which is packed with vineyards and other outdoor attractions. Other highlights include private walking tours of Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.  

Miles covered on train: 453 miles  

Days on train: 3 days 

Nights on train: 0 nights 

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Polar bear cartoon looking through a pair of binoculars

Train Experiences from Quebec City

VIA Rail Train 

VIA Rail operates some of the most popular Quebec trains and connect the province to the rest of Canada. VIA Rail’s Corridor train operates between Ontario and Quebec, with stops in Quebec City, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. These trains operate during all 12 months of the year.  

VIA Rail's Corridor train traveling on an iron bridge over water, with mountains in the background, framed by greenery.

Sleeper Train 

You can travel to Quebec City by train, as VIA Rail has a sleeper train that connects Quebec to the Eastern provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. When you book your Quebec rail travel package, ask about travelling on one of Canada's two sleeper train routes. The Ocean Train connects Montreal with Halifax and The Canadian connects Vancouver with Toronto. Some sleeper cars even have panoramic viewing cars, making it even easier to look for wildlife or take photographs of Canada's most beautiful scenery.

Onboard these trains, the main level of service is Sleeper Plus Class, which has different sleeper options. On the Canadian route passengers can also upgrade to Prestige Class for a higher level of luxury. 

Private sleeper cabins on the VIA Rail train to Quebec City can accommodate up to four people, depending on the size of your party, requirements, and availability. Semi-private accommodations are available with upper and lower berths. Berths give you access to facilities shared by the car while private cabins include your own washroom. Booking Sleeper Plus or Prestige class gives you access to service attendants and domed viewing cars, depending upon the season.

Train service to Quebec City on the Sleeper Train includes snacks and full, gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sleeper Plus Class meals are chef-prepared gourmet meals and have three courses to please your palate. Alcoholic beverages are also available for purchase. If you have special dietary restrictions or preferences, a special meal option is available that meets your needs.


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VIA Rail’s Sleeper Plus Class cabin with window and two bunk beds in the daytime

Tourist Attractions in Quebec

Most Quebec City tour packages can be customized to according to your interests. Ask about these popular attractions when you book Quebec tour packages from Toronto and other departure points. 

Chateau Frontenac 

Chateau Frontenac is one of Quebec City' most famous hotels. Located in Old Quebec, the hotel was constructed as part of an effort to restore the neighbourhood to its 17th-century glory. The original funding fell through, so the Canadian Pacific Railway stepped in and built Chateau Frontenac as part of its railway hotel system. 

Over the years, the hotel has been renovated several times. World leaders and other famous individuals have also stayed there while visiting Canada, making Chateau Frontenac a popular destination for tourists. When you book your Quebec train tours, ask about staying at Chateau Frontenac or taking a tour while you're sightseeing. 

View of Chateau Frontenac from street in Old Quebec City

Old Quebec City 

Old Quebec City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a unique look and feel. The area has many historic sites, including ramparts built in the late 1690s to protect the city against enemy attack. It's also home to Petit-Champlain, a street packed with boutiques. You'll find everything from handmade jewelry to one-of-a-kind works of art, along with high-end restaurants, murals and excellent examples of French architecture. Enhance your Quebec vacation with a private walking tour led by a local insider. 

A couple walks down the streets of Old Quebec

#1 Travel Tip: Plan to walk around

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Quebec City is a highly walkable city, even in Winter. Make time to walk around the cobbled streets and explore unique boutiques and shops in the alleyways. Rue du Trésor is a hidden gem.

Blog Author - Athena McKenzie
Athena McKenzie
Content Manager

Site Traditionnel Huron Onhoüa Chetek8e 

Step back in time with a visit to Site Traditionnel Huron Onhoüa Chetek8e (Onhoüa Chetek8e Traditional Site). The site pays tribute to the Huron-Wendat Nation, which consisted of eight clans. You'll get to see a giant teepee, visit several smoking huts and listen to some of the legends passed down by clan members. While you're there, try some traditional Huron-Wendat cuisine or take a guided tour of the exhibits. 

Indigenous sculpture and cultural artifacts on display

Food Tours 

If there's a foodie in your travel group, consider customizing your trip with a foodie tour in Quebec City. Each tour features mouthwatering food and gives travellers a chance to connect with experienced chefs. You may even get to try some craft brews or handmade chocolates. 

Small group gather around a table to feast on cheeses and charcuterie

#2 Travel Tip: Book your food tour early

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This popular activity is a fantastic way to learn about the local culture as you nibble on delicious treats. Some tours are seasonal and book up quickly.

Louise Weiss
Director of Legendary Hospitality

Highlights of Peggy's Cove 

This tiny fishing village (population 35) attracts nearly a million tourists per year – drawn to the glow of the iconic lighthouse standing proudly on a craggy shore. The most photographed lighthouse in Canada, it's an icon of local marine heritage. 

When to go: Visit during shoulder season (late spring or early fall) for fewer crowds but still pleasant weather. 

The highlight: Sink your toes into the sand of Bayswater Beach Provincial Park, a peaceful place to relax and enjoy a picnic. 

Recommended trip: The Canada Eastern Rail Classic includes a tour to Peggy's Cove. 

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse and waves around the rocks

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Quebec to Montreal train ride?

It takes just over 3 hours to travel to by train to Quebec City from Montreal. Whether you're travelling through large cities or small towns, you'll get to see some of the most stunning scenery Canada has to offer.

Can you sleep on the train to Quebec?

Yes, you can sleep on VIA Rail’s Ocean train, which connects Montreal and Halifax. Many of our trip itineraries include this route.

What activities are available in Quebec?

Quebec has many activities available for travellers with all types of interests. If you're a foodie, try one of the French restaurants in Old Quebec, or arrange for a tour of a brewery. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy visiting Montmorency Falls, while those who prefer to stay indoors have plenty of opportunities to relax. Many tourist attractions have guided tours or private tours available, making it possible to customize your trip.

Do Quebec tours include stops in other cities?

Yes. Many train packages to Quebec City include stops in Montreal, Toronto, Halifax and other Canadian cities. Each city has a unique combination of cultural attractions and outdoor beauty, making a Quebec train vacation one of the best ways to visit Canada.

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