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21 Most Beautiful Lakes in Manitoba

Manitoba is a picturesque prairie province that boasts more than 100,000 lakes! They vary in size and shape, from tiny to huge and shallow to deep. Some have rugged, rocky waterfronts and some are sandy. While certain lakes are better for fishing, others are better for swimming and boating. A few are ideal for all activities. Most lakes are fairly well-developed, with lodges, campgrounds, and even luxury hotels. They are conveniently accessible by road. Picking the best lakes in Manitoba can definitely be a challenge.

Two kayakers on paddling on a calm lake as the sun sets

The travel experts at Canadian Train Vacations will help you learn about some of the best Manitoba lakes. Our team helps visitors plan their trips to Manitoba and other parts of Canada.

1. Lake Winnipeg

Lake Winnipeg is the world's 12th largest freshwater lake and the remains of a vast glacial lake. It stretches for 416 kilometers and is 36 meters deep. It has many distinct looks based on which shoreline you are on and how far north or south you wander. Fishing, boating, kayaking, and water sports are popular in the summer. While snowmobiling, ice fishing, and snowshoeing are popular winter activities on Lake Winnipeg. Patricia Beach, Victoria Beach, and Grand Beach are some of the most popular beaches along the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Gimli and Hecla Grindstone National Park are also excellent destinations.

People on a white sandy beach next to Lake Winnipeg

#Travel Tip: Lake day essentials

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If you love spending time at the lake, bring a pair of water shoes with you. You’ll be more comfortable walking in the water and on any rocky environments.

Louise Weiss
Director of Legendary Hospitality

2. Falcon Lake

Falcon Lake is a prime attraction in Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba. It has one of eastern Manitoba's finest and largest beaches and has a depth of 34 meters. Several other beaches mark its coastline, providing sandy enclaves among the mainly forested shorelines. The lake is also renowned for sailing and is one of the best fishing lakes in Manitoba. The vast, curving coast and peaceful, warm water are ideal for kids of all ages.

Two children wear lifejackets and hold hands as they run past sandcastles toward a lake
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3. West Hawk Lake

West Hawk Lake is one of Manitoba's most renowned lakes. It is located in Whiteshell Provincial Park. This lake is a favorite with scuba divers. West Hawk Lake is clear and deep. The lake is also known for Crescent Beach, a huge beach at the lake's southern end. The lake, formed by a meteorite crash, is over 115 meters deep, making it the deepest lake in Manitoba. This lake is unique because it has no rivers that drain into it and it is entirely filled with rainwater. The contrast of the lush green forest, rocky terrain, and sparkling lake surrounded by granite cliffs and the Canadian Shield makes for a pleasant vacation destination. You can stay overnight at the campground or spend the day on the beach.

A girl sitting on a paddleboard on the calm water of West Hawk Lake

4. Clear Lake

Clear Lake is situated in Riding Mountain National Park. It has long been a popular summer destination for visitors. As you can probably guess, Clear Lake is famous for its crystal clear water, which means you can see all the way to its bottom, 34m down. Summer offers boating, swimming, canoeing, fishing, and just about every other water sport to this beautiful lake. Rental boats are available, or you can bring your own. With the addition of a skating trail, there's almost as much to do on Clear Lake in the winter as in the summer. Ice fishing and snowshoeing are popular winter activities here. You can also enjoy an evening cruise on the lake while dining on a delectable meal.

A person walks along the rocky beach next to Clear Lake, Manitoba

5. Brereton Lake

Brereton Lake is one of Whiteshell Provincial Park's finest hidden gems, with a depth of 4 to 5 meters. With three public beaches to choose from, you can relax on soft, sandy shores. Brereton Lake is excellent for recreational boating. The lake's western coast has long stretches of forest and a few cottages. There's a fair chance you'll see some wildlife here. Canoeing and leisure boating are popular on the lake. And those feeling particularly daring may want to extend their visit by moving to nearby Mud Turtle Lake. It is an excellent site in Manitoba for backcountry camping.

6. Big Whiteshell Lake

This large body of water, situated in the north section of Whiteshell Provincial Park, is an outstanding representation of a spectacular boreal forest lake. Big Whiteshell is renowned for its fishing. Exploring by boat is a common activity here, as there is plenty of space to maneuver. You'll find that the water is warm and shallow here, with the depth ranging from 7 to 12 meters. Also, the primary campground has a beautiful beach.

A family walk along a rocky shoreline next to Big Whiteshell Lake

#Travel Tip: Fishing guides

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Fishing enthusiasts should pair up with a fishing guide during your visit. They can recommend all the best fishing spots, what fish are in season, and even what bait to use.

Blog Author - Athena McKenzie
Athena McKenzie
Content Manager

7. White Lake

White Lake is a relatively small lake with a lot to offer. Rainbow Falls, situated near the lake's northeastern end, is a popular attraction. The river cascades over a granite ridge and into a shallow pool below. It is an excellent location for swimming. And those who are brave enough can try jumping off the top of the falls into the gurgling water below. The lake has a campground and a beach, but most visitors come to see the waterfalls.

Two people sitting on a ledge next to a small waterfall and lake

8. Caddy Lake

Caddy Lake is best known for its incredible canoe route and tunnels. It also boasts a lovely beach. This lake is around 5.7 meters deep. You can try exploring the rock tunnels left behind by railroad construction several years ago with a kayak or a canoe. Because you're in the heart of the Canadian Shield, expect to see a lot of rocky terrain with gorgeous granite and lush boreal forest all around you. This lake region of Whiteshell Provincial Park should not be skipped, even if you visit for a day.

View from the front of a kayak as it travels through Caddy Lake rock tunnels

9. Lake Manitoba

Lake Manitoba is another massive body of water in the province, having a depth of 7 meters. Delta Beach, Twin Lakes Beach, Watchorn Provincial Park beach, Lundar Beach Provincial Park beach, and Saint Ambroise Provincial Park are a few of the most popular destinations to visit along Lake Manitoba's southern coasts. There are numerous activities to do and see around Lake Manitoba. You can boat in the calm water, have a go at fishing, birdwatch, or relax on the nearby beaches. If you've got time, visit Steep Rock in the northern region of the lake to witness the incredible views. The lake is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs all around.

A kayaker paddling on Lake Manitoba on a cloudy day

10. Black Lake

Move off the routed path, and head into Nopiming Provincial Park to Black Lake. It can be the starting point for many adventurous and long canoe trips. The lake runs the roughly east-west course, is long and narrow, and is studded with islands. This lake is a peaceful lake with a depth of 7-12 meters and is perfect for experiencing nature. Here it's pretty common to spot some wildlife. You'll likely see a fox, deer, or even a caribou. You could bask in the beauty of nature here and swim in the lake waters.

11. Little Limestone Lake

Little Limestone Lake is one of Manitoba's most picturesque and photogenic lakes. If you recognize yourself as a modern-day adventurer, why not work out to find Manitoba's only turquoise-colored lake? Get into your canoe or kayak and steer out onto the water to be surprised by the water's distinct blue hues. This marl lake changes color in warmer weather due to the calcium carbonate released from the limestone bedrock. The turquoise color is most vibrant in late summer. You can observe it transforming into different colors depending on the season.

Aerial view of a large, bright turquoise lake in Manitoba

12. Lake Metigoshe

Lake Metigoshe, situated in the province's far south, is an often overlooked lake. Because the lake is shallow, reaching a depth of about 7 meters, it warms up quickly in the spring and stays warm until September. You can enjoy recreational boating on this lake as it is one of the finest places for boating.

A speed boat cruising on Lake Metigoshe

13. East and West Blue Lakes

Duck Mountain Provincial Park's East and West Blue Lakes earn a place to be on your checklist. The color of these lakes in Manitoba is almost unrivaled. The summer brings in beautiful blue waters, a sight to behold. These sparkling lakes provide excellent hiking trails for adventurers. You can also try swimming, canoeing, fishing, and boating here. The Blue Lakes Trail, one of Manitoba's finest hikes, is a perfect way to see both lakes together.

A man and two children sit on a dock and look out at East Blue Lake and the surrounding forest

14. Dauphin Lake

If you're looking for a relaxing beach with calm waters, Dauphin Lake is an awesome choice, with the lake being about 3.7 meters deep. You can head to the western shore of Dauphin Lake to discover a good choice of sandy beaches. Ochre Beach, Sifton Beach, Rainbow Beach, and Stony Point Beach are available options. Dauphin Lake has many shore fishing opportunities thanks to its tributaries. It's perfect for lazy beach days with the family. You'll love the sandy beaches and opportunities to scour the region.

15. Nutimik Lake

Nutimik Lake is one of the many beautiful lakes that line Highway 307 in Whiteshell Provincial Park. You can use your time to canoe, swim, and hike up Blueberry Hill for a breathtaking view of the Nutimik Lake beside the Winnipeg River. Choose one of the three beaches to relax and bask in the warm waters. You can also check out the local museum for some fascinating cultural history. The museum is located across the highway from the Lodge. Those who enjoy hiking should head to the Pine Point Rapids trail near Nutimik Lake. It's well-known for its spectacular views.

Boats cruising on Nutimik Lake, fall colours on each side

16. Paint Lake

Paint Lake is located in Northern Manitoba, near Thompson. It is worth a visit due to its attractiveness and bounty of activities. Paint Lake is relatively calm and quiet compared to some heavily populated southern lakes. The lake is about 21 meters deep. Pisew Falls is one of the area's main draws. There are also fantastic hiking, canoeing, fishing, and other water activities appealing to tourists. The lake is dotted with numerous islands.

A large lake with small rocky islands and forest behind

17. Childs Lake

Childs Lake, a stunning blue-green water-filled body with fresh springs, is located on the west side of Duck Mountain Provincial Park. You'll enjoy the surrounding greenery of the forest's tall trees and the contrast of the foliage with the clear, smooth water with plenty of privacy on the lake. Childs Lake having a depth of about 57.7 meters, is a great fishing destination due to the abundance of native fish species. You can also access the beach, and hiking trails, launch a boat, and access the rest of the park and the surrounding area.

18. North Steeprock Lake

North Steeprock Lake is located north of Swan River and is part of the North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park. You must visit Porcupine Mountain's boreal forest to get to the lake. You'll love this place if you enjoy a rustic adventure. The region, part of the Manitoba Escarpment, is lush with forested uplands and a clear lake with a depth of 12.7 meters. The dense, lush forests that circle North Steeprock Lake make it a nature lover's paradise.

19. Bird Lake

Bird Lake is surrounded by dense green trees. This lake is a perfect getaway from city life due to the contrasting rocks, foliage, and running water. You must visit this place to see one of Manitoba's main attractions, the most magnificent Tulabi Falls. It's a great place to go for kayaking, wildlife viewing, canoeing, fishing, and any other outdoor activity you could want to do on your trip to this part of Manitoba.

20. Clearwater Lake

Clearwater Lake is another lake that lives up to its name, with deep, clear, and cold waters that can be seen down to 10 meters. This northern lake, also known as Atikameg Lake, is one of Manitoba's best-kept secrets. Power boating and sailing are popular activities to do here. Go fishing, hike the Caves Hiking Trail nearby, or canoe on the turquoise waters.

Aerial view of forest and beach next to Clearwater Lake in Manitoba

21. Lake Athapapuskow

This massive glacial-formed lake in northern Manitoba is well-known for its excellent fishing. It is made up of three interconnected bodies of water. Its refreshing, clear, and cold waters will tempt you to swim. It has a depth of around 71 meters. The lake is accessible from various locations throughout Manitoba, including Bakers Narrows and Cranberry Portage. Lake Athapapuskow is a beautiful lake for swimming, kayaking, and various water sports, in addition to fishing.

A small wooden dock floating in the middle of a lake with forest behind

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most beautiful lake in Manitoba?

Some of the most beautiful lakes in Manitoba include Winnipeg Lake, White Lake, Breton Lake, Little Limestone Lake, Clear Lake, Bird Lake, Childs Lake, Clearwater Lake, and Black Lake.

Which is the warmest lake in Manitoba?

Lake Winnipeg is one of the warmest lakes in Manitoba, with temperatures swaying between 20 and 27 degrees during the summer.

Which are the biggest lakes in Manitoba?

Some of Manitoba's largest lakes include the province's largest Winnipeg Lake, Lake Manitoba, Cedar Lake, Southern Indian Lake, Cross Lake, Dauphin Lake, Falcon Lake, Black Lake, and others.

Which is the clearest lake in Manitoba?

Atikameg Lake, also known as Clearwater Lake, is a clear, cold, deep lake known for its high water quality and large lake trout. This lake is one of the world's few "true blue" lakes, the clearest in Canada and the second clearest in the world.

Which lakes in Manitoba have beaches?

Many lakes in Manitoba have stunning beaches. Some of the best lakes in Manitoba with beaches include Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, Brereton Lake, Dauphin Lake, and Falcon Lake.

Which lakes are the best for swimming in Manitoba?

North Steeprock Lake, West Hawk Lake, Clearwater Lake, Lake Athapapuskow, Dauphin Lake, Black Lake, Caddy Lake, Childs Lake, and Nutimik Lake are some of the best swimming lakes in Manitoba.

Which are the best lakes for boating in Manitoba?

The majority of Manitoba's lakes provide boating and kayaking opportunities. Falcon Lake, Lake Winnipeg, Clear Lake, and Lake Manitoba are among the best lakes for boating in Manitoba.

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