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Best Amusement Parks in Canada

Looking to add more fun to your family holidays and get-togethers? Head to the best amusement parks in Canada. From Canada's Wonderland to Playland, Canada is home to some of the most thrilling rides, located in amusement parks across the country. The options are endless, from high-speed roller coasters to the twistiest waterslides.

People riding Canada's tallest and fastest roller coaster, the Leviathan, in Canada's Wonderland amusement park near Toronto

Canadian Train Vacations offers exclusive train itineraries to help you make the most of your holidays. Our travel experts love exploring the country. Read this article to discover the top amusement parks in Canada. While our trips don't go near every park listed here, our itineraries do cover many of the top destinations in the country. 

1. Playland in Vancouver

Playland is the most popular amusement park in Vancouver, Canada. Run by the Pacific National Exhibition, the annual summer festival, Playland is located in Hastings Park. Established in 1958, it is home to more than 50 exhilarating rides, a haunted house, an arcade, and midway games. 

The most famous ride in Playland is the wooden roller coaster, and it was featured in the Wimpy Kid's Diary and the film Final Destination 3

  • How to reach here: By bus, taxi, or SkyTrain
  • Hours of operation: Open from June 1 to August 18, and through October (Weekdays between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM; Weekends between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM)
  • Ticket price: Fun Season Pass at $89 and Thrill Season Pass at $129
  • Must-try: The Skybender ride for spins, rapid acceleration, and gravity drops
Ferris Wheel against Blue Sky, Playland, Vancouver, Canada

#1 Travel tip: Get there early

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By beating the crowds, you can experience the popular rides before the lines get long. Plus, in the summer you’ll be able to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Louise Weiss
Director of Legendary Hospitality

2. Galaxyland in Edmonton

Galaxyland is North America's biggest indoor amusement park featuring over 27 thrilling rides. It also has play areas for people of all age groups. This amusement park in Canada was opened in 1985 and designed around a space theme. 

This park is known for housing the world's largest triple-loop roller coaster and indoor jungle gym. Several indoor games, such as skee ball and arcade activities, are available here. This park remains open throughout the year.  

  • How to reach here: By bus, tram, taxi, or car
  • Hours of operation: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Ticket price: $33 on average
  • Must-try: Mindbender (the world’s largest indoor triple-loop roller coaster), which is nearly 4,000 feet in length; plus skating at the indoor ice rink.
A carousel at Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall
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3. Canada's Wonderland in Toronto

Established in 1981, Canada's Wonderland in Toronto is a popular theme park spread over 300 acres. Canada's largest theme park, Wonderland is one of North America's most visited parks. 

It has over 200 attractions, 69 water rides, and 16 roller coasters. In 2016, two new additions emerged, the Flying Eagles and Skyhawk, attracting tourists worldwide. There is a water park inside, stretching 20 acres.

  • How to reach here: By the Route 20 bus, ferry, subway, or car
  • Hours of operation: Open from April to October (Opens at 10:00 AM and closing time varies seasonally)
  • Ticket price: $60 to $75 on average
  • Must-try: Yukon Striker (a 360-degree looping dive coaster) and the Leviathan (the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Canada)

4. Calypso Park in Ottawa

Located 35 km from Ottawa, Calypso Park is a popular water park featuring 100-plus water games and slides. Attracting many thrill seekers, the park is Canada's largest water park, with more than 35 slides, two theme rivers, and several other water attractions like Boomerango, Black Hole, Canyon Rafting, Adrenaline, and AquaLoops. 

If you have kids traveling with you, it is one of the best places to head to this summer. 

  • How to reach here: By taxi, train, bus, tram, or car
  • Hours of operation: Open from mid-June to September (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM)
  • Ticket price: $35 on average
  • Must-try: The 90-foot tall water slide tower and AquaLoops (riders are dropped down near-vertical slides before entering an inclined loop)
People on a waterslide at the Calypso Park in Ottawa

5. Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto

Popularly called The Exhibition or The Ex, the Canadian National Exhibition is an annual event organized in Toronto, Canada. It is one of the country's largest community events held since 1879. One of the most popular parts of The Ex is the annual carnival with its wooden roller coaster.

Interactive sessions, air shows, and music events get organized here to entertain all guests. Gaming zones and food courts are available inside the premises for unlimited fun and entertainment.

  • How to reach here: By train to Exhibition GO station, bus, or car
  • Hours of operation: 10:00 AM to midnight (On Labor Day, September 5, it closes at 9:00 PM)
  • Ticket price: $25 on average
  • Must-try: Take a spin on the Polar Express, try the food stalls, and explore the fairgrounds
Ferris wheel and other amusement rides at the Canadian National Exhibition at night

6. Six Flags La Ronde in Montreal

Spread over 146 acres on Saint Helen's Island in Montreal, La Ronde is Eastern Canada's biggest theme park. This Six Flags amusement park features more than 40 exhilarating rides and ten roller coasters for a thrilling experience. 

If you are an adventure-seeker looking for an extraordinary adrenaline rush, head to La Ronde in Montreal and get on these gut-wrenching rides.

  • How to reach here: By shuttle service, metro, and bus
  • Hours of operation: Open from May to October (10:30 AM to 7:00 PM)
  • Ticket price: Regular Pass at $69.99, Platinum Pass at and Thrill Season Pass at $89.99, and Diamond Pass at $149.99
  • Must-try: The Goliath (a 175 feet roller coaster) and Le Vampire (featuring five loops, a zero-G roll, and a corkscrew twist)
Large twisting rollercoaster and ferris wheel next to the water in Montreal

7. Calaway Park, Calgary

Located 4 km from the Calgary city center, Calaway Park is one of western Canada's largest outdoor amusement parks. Home to more than 24 eateries, 32 rides, 23 games, live entertainment shows, and a 3D theater, the park has something for all ages.

The most popular ride is Timber Falls, which lets you enjoy a breathtaking view before plummetting down 40 feet! 

  • How to reach here: By tram, train, taxi, bus, or car
  • Hours of operation: Open from June to September (10:00 AM to 7:00 PM)
  • Ticket price: $50 on average
  • Must-try: The Timber Falls, the Vortex (roller coaster), and the Adrenaline Test Zone (a thrill ride spinning you high off the ground)
Father and son sitting on a bumper boat

#2 Travel tip: Get sporty at WinSport

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Active travellers and families will enjoy a visit to WinSport in Calgary. From mountain biking and karting in summer to tubing and skiing in winter, this facility allows everyone to try a variety of sports.

Blog Author - Athena McKenzie
Athena McKenzie
Content Manager

8. Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, Niagara Falls

A two-minute drive from Niagara Falls, the famous Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is one of Canada's largest indoor water parks. It is also condensed one of the best amusement parks in Ontario, Canada

It is a must-visit destination for all thrill and adventure-seekers. It features 16 exciting water slides, Toob towers, and other games. Popular rides include Extreme Racing Slide, Toob Tower, Sky Screamer, Drop Canyon, The Canadian Plunge, Kamakazi, and Thunder.

Take your toddlers to the Tiny Tots Splash Park, where they can explore water streams, mushroom water pods, kid slides, and soakers.

  • How to reach here: By train, taxi, bus, or car
  • Hours of operation: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Ticket price: Day passes at $38.99
  • Must-try: Wave Pool, Toob Tower Waterslide, and Canadian Plunge (a giant water centrifuge super bowl)

9. Clifton Hill

Near the shores of the Niagara River, Clifton Hill is very close to the cascade of Niagara Falls. With its vibrant colours and atmosphere, many call Clifton Hill "the Street of Fun."

The hill park features exciting rides, thrilling attractions, affordable restaurants, and themed cafeterias. One major attraction is the Niagara Skywheel, which has you soaring 175 feet above Niagara Falls in climate-controlled gondolas. It is a view you will never forget!

  • How to reach here: By metro, bus, or car
  • Hours of operation: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Ticket price: $35 on average
  • Must-try: Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum, Nightmares Fear Factory, and Casino Niagara
The Niagara Skywheel at night

10. Fort Edmonton Park

Spread over 158 acres of land close to the Edmonton's River Valley, Fort Edmonton Park is a heritage park. Its construction began in 1967. The massive Hudson Bay Fort, constructed in 1846, lies inside the park.

The park is owned and operated by the City of Edmonton and the Fort Edmonton Management Company, respectively. From winter wagon rides to educational programs, there is so much to explore and experience here.

  • How to reach here: By tram, taxi, metro, bus, or car
  • Hours of operation: 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Ticket price: $20 on average
  • Must-try: Wagon and pony rides, trains and streetcars, exhibitions, and the Capitol theater
A couple plays a game at Fort Edmonton Park

11. World Waterpark

Opened in 1986, World Waterpark in Canada is a water-themed park inside the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta. It is North America's second-largest indoor water park. It is one of the best amusement parks in Canada.

There are 17 unique water slides and three wave pools for the best family experience. Some popular rides here include Sky Screamer Extreme, Tropical Typhoon, Slideboarding, and others.  

  • How to reach here: By tram, taxi, metro, bus, or car
  • Hours of operation: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Ticket price: $64 on average
  • Must-try: Indoor wave pools, Birds of Paradise (a fleet of five majestic paddle boat swans), bowling, and adventure golf
World Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall

12. Lakeside Park Carousel

The Lakeside Park Carousel is an ideal spot for visiting on a pleasant day in Canada. It has several gentle rides, such as the time machine and toy trains, which grab the kids' attention. 

The famous carousel is decorated with hand-carved lions, camels, horses, and goats. Several new cafes and restaurants have also recently opened in the park.

  • How to reach here: By streetcar, taxi, subway, bus, or car
  • Hours of operation: Open from May to September (11:00 AM to 8:00 PM)
  • Ticket price: Season Pass at $20.40
  • Must-try: Antique carousel ride and Whirlpool aero car

13. Terrasse Dufferin Slides

Overlooking the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City, the Terrasse Dufferin Slides is one of Canada's most iconic structures, attracting thousands of visitors annually. It is a unique snow slide, offering an iconic winter experience.

  • How to reach here: By train, taxi, metro, bus, or car
  • Hours of operation: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Ticket price: $4 for a ride per individual
  • Must-try: Ride the Toboggan slides and explore the quaint cafeterias
People enjoying the toboggan slides on Dufferin Terrace in Quebec City during winter

14. North Bay Heritage Train and Carousel

This family-friendly attraction, North Bay Heritage Train and Carousel attracts 100000+ tourists annually. It is an old-fashioned train offering a historic experience. Another heritage attraction is the restored carousel.

The park also features major amenities like cafés, play areas, lively entertainment zones, and restaurants. 

  • How to reach here: By train, taxi, metro, bus, or car
  • Hours of operation: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Ticket price: $2 for a ride per individual
  • Must-try: Train and carousel ride, antique artifacts, and souvenir shop

15. Centreville Amusement Park

The perfect spot for young children, Centreville Amusement Park is located on Centre Island in Toronto's Harbourfront. The park features kids' rides like bumper boats, scramblers, sky rides, and others.

Several rides, such as antique cars and rocking ferries, are new attractions. You can also rent a bike and explore the beaches and lighthouses nearby.

  • How to reach here: By train, taxi, ferry, bus, or car
  • Hours of operation: Open from May to mid-September (10:30 AM to 6:00 PM)
  • Ticket price: Season Pass at $90 (no admission fee)
  • Must-try: Ride the antique carousel and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the park on the windmill-style Ferris wheel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest amusement park in Canada?

Canada's Wonderland in Ontario is the largest, and is considered one of the top amusement parks in Canada. It stretches more than 330 acres of land. This impressive park houses more than 200 attractions.

How many amusement parks are in Canada?

In Canada, there are around 15 big amusement parks. The most popular ones include Fort Edmonton Park, Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, Canada's Wonderland, and World Waterpark.

Is there any Disneyland in Canada?

There is no Disneyland in Canada.

Is there a Disney Park in Canada?

No, it does not have a Disney Park.

What is Canada's biggest roller coaster?

Standing 5486 feet from the ground level, Leviathan is Canada's fastest and biggest roller coaster. It moves at a speed of 148 km per hour. Leviathan lies in Canada's biggest amusement park, Canada's Wonderland.

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