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19 Best Places to Visit in Montreal in Summer

From wandering Mile End to exploring the Biosphere, Montreal in summer means lots of interesting places to explore. Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec in Canada. It welcomes 10 million visitors a year, who come for the culture, festivals and food.

People walking through Mount Royal Park on a summer day

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In this article, we look at the best places to visit in Montreal, Canada this summer.

1. Olympic Park

Start your tour of Montreal in the summer with the iconic Olympic Park (1). The park was home to the 1976 Winter Olympics. It now hosts major concerts and sporting events. Another attraction of the place is the world's tallest inclined tower, nicknamed Big O which refers to the Olympics and the circular shape of its roof. You can opt for a guided tour to understand the significance of the place and events held there.

How to reach here: Take a train from Station McGill to Station Pie-Ix. Then walk or take a cab to Olympic Stadium.

Hours of operation: Daily, 8 am–10 pm

Admission fees: Child $7, Student, $12, Adult, $15, Senior $13

Person riding a BMX bike along a path in the Montreal Olympic Park

2. Saint-Joseph Oratory of Mount-Royal

Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal (2) is a Roman Catholic basilica and national shrine dedicated to Saint Joseph. It is also one of the tallest churches in all of Canada and one of the largest domed structures in the world. Founded by Saint André Bessette in 1904, it receives 2 million tourists every year, making it one of the most popular Montreal vacation summer destinations.

How to reach here: Take a subway from Mont-Royal Station to Ridgewood. From here, you can either walk for 11 minutes or take bus 711 to Saint Joseph Oratory.

Hours of operation:

Monday to Sunday 6:30 am–9 pm

Admission fees: Free

Green trees on Mount Royal surrounding St. Joseph's Oratory

3. Montreal's Clock Tower

Montreal’s Clock Tower (3) offers the perfect setting for a laidback stroll to enjoy Montreal summer months. This well-known landmark is also known as the Sailors’ Memorial Clock, as it was created in honour of Canadian soldiers who fought in World War 1. The clock features a unique mechanism inspired by London's Big Ben which shows time accurately without any modern techniques. The tower has 192 steps, which you can climb to get a clear and unhindered view of Old Montreal. Close to the tower is a beach called Clock Tower beach that allows you to enjoy the day out in the sun.

How to reach here:
Take a train to Montreal-Ouest and then walk to
Gare Montréal-Ouest.

Hours of operation:
Daily: 6 am -10 pm

Sandy beach with blue umbrellas and tall clock tower behind

4. Orange Julep

Cool down with a tasty treat at the iconic fast-food spot Orange Julep (4). Located in a giant orange, this roadside eatery is as famous for its unique beverages as its Instagrammable decor and eats.

How to reach here:
Take a metro to Namur station, exit it, and look for a giant orange. It’s right there!

Hours of operation:
Daily: 8 am-4 am

A giant orange orb next to a parking lot in Montreal

5. Sainte-Catherine Street

Sainte-Catherine Street is a major thoroughfare with historical, cultural and commercial importance. The street offers a good mix of boutiques, restaurants, cafes, theatres, shopping centres, and much more. You can also catch some events or festivals while enjoying the pleasant summer temperatures in Montreal Canada.

How to reach here:
Walk from Montreal Central Station to Sainte-Catherine Street. It is approximately 1.4 km.

Dancer doing a one hand handstand on a road with an art mural down Sainte-Catherine Street

6. The Village

An internationally recognized village for the 2SLGBTQ+, The Village (5) is always thriving with a lively club scene, restaurants, and events. In summer, an array of events and festivals highlight the community and its zeal for life. Over 255 restaurants, bars, and shops make it one of the best places to visit in Montreal in summer.

How to reach here:
Take a metro to Beaudry or Papideanu on the Honore-Beaugrand line.

Exterior view of a restaurant in The Village neighbourhood with a pride flag hanging outside

7. Mount-Royal Statue

The Monument à sir George-Étienne Cartier (6), an artwork by sculptor George William Hill, is a sight to behold if you are visiting Montreal in the summer. It is dedicated to Sir George Étienne Cartier - a politician and soldier. The work is comprised of 18 bronze statues that speak to elements of Montreal’s rich history. It is intricately crafted and attracts scores of visitors from across the world every year.

How to reach here:
It is situated at the heart of Montreal and can be reached by foot or bicycle.

A group of cyclists stop to look at the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Monument with fall colours behind

8. Belvedere Kondiaronk Lookout

The terrace at Belvedere of Mount Royal (7) is quite large and allows visitors to have a scenic view of the city and its many wonders in one glance. For picture-perfect views of the city ad this to your list of new Montreal places to visit in summer.

How to reach here:
Walk from Peel Street to Belvedere Kondiaronk

Hours of Operation: 
Daily- 6 am -12 am

A person cycling along a wide terrace on Mount Royal at sunset

9. Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Saint-Laurent Boulevard (8) is a neighbourhood hub where you can find performance theatres, galleries, dance studios, social clubs, and more. To satiate your hunger there are several eating and drinking options here to explore. There are also plenty of beauty, fashion, and shopping options.

How to reach here:
Take a subway to Saint-Laurent, Sherbrooke, or Mont-Royal based on your location.

View of restaurant patios down Saint-Laurent Boulevard

10.  Mont-Royal Street

Mont-Royal Street or Avenue is another great option for shopping in Montreal (9). This avenue has a host of shops to let you purchase fashion clothes, books, vinyl records, cheese, and dine at some of the best restaurants and bakeries.

How to reach here:
Take a subway to Mont-Royal station

People walking down a busy road in Montreal during summer

11.  The Mile-End

The Mile End (10) is a haven for folks who are looking for a place with a good mix of contemporary and traditional vibes. Originally a hub for Jewish immigrants, the place has several baker shops, bookstores, restaurants, bars, and much more. It's a great neighbourhood for a food tour.

How to reach here:
Hop on an orange line metro to either Mont-Royal, Laurier, or Rosemont station. Then walk westwards to Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

People walk with bikes down a street in Montreal's Mile End

12.  La Fontaine Park

Your summer vacation to Montreal is incomplete without visiting La Fontaine Park (11). This beautiful green space is a great place for hiking and biking. The clear, sparkling pond is another popular tourist attraction in summer.

How to reach here:
Take a train to Sherbrooke station and then walk to Lafontaine Park.

Hours of Operation:
Daily- 6 am – 12 am

Cyclists riding over a bridge in an urban park on a sunny day

13.  La Ronde

La Ronde is one of the best places to visit in Montreal Canada in the summer. La Ronde (12) is a fun and adventurous amusement park. The place has over 40 rides catering to adults, children, and families. Take breaks between rides to gorge on delicious meals in the various in-house restaurants. Finally, end the day at the park by shopping at a myriad of shops selling local and exotic things.

How to reach here:
Take a metro to Jean-Drapeau station and then bus 767 to La Ronde or take a metro to Papineau station and bus 769 to La Ronde.

General - $52.99

Large ferris wheel next to a red twisting rollercoaster in a theme park  in Montreal

14.  Notre-Dame Basilica

Montreal in summer is very hot, so you would naturally want to go indoors. Instead of your hotel room, why not enter the Notre Dame Basilica (13) and be blown away by the breathtaking interiors? The basilica lets visitors experience the church at night with its stunning multimedia show, 'Aura'. It boasts some of the oldest neogothic revival religious architecture in Canada.

How to reach here:
Take a train to Place-D'Armes (Saint-Urbain / Viger). Notre Dame is just 1 minute away from there.

Hours of operation: 

Monday to Friday- 10 A.M. RO 4:30 P.M.

Saturday- 9 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M.

Sunday- 12:30 P.M. TO 4 P.M.

Aura experience

Monday- 6 P.M.

Thursday & Friday- 6 P.M.

Saturday- 7 P.M.

Sightseeing- Adult or Senior - $14.00
Student (17 to 22 years old) - $12.00
Child (6 to 16 years old) - $9.00

Nave of Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal

15.  Atwater & Jean-Talon Markets

Don't miss a wander through Atwater and Jean Talon markets. These markets are tourist hotspots for local produce such as cheese, fruits, baked goods, and more. This is where you head for a refreshing juice, fruit bowl, or pastry in the scorching summer heat.

How to reach here:
Take a metro to Lionel-Groulx for the Atwater market and Gare Parc station for the Jean-Talon market.

Atwater Market, hours of operation:
Monday - Friday - 9 am - 6 pm
Saturday- Sunday - 9 am - 5 pm

Jean Talon Market, hours of operation:
Daily: 8 am – 6 pm

People shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables in the Jean-Talon Market

16.  Quartier Des Spectacles

Spoil yourself with an entertainment-packed day by visiting the Quartier Des Spectacles. Be it summer or winter, the place is always thriving with festivals, plays, movies, art exhibitions, dance performances, music concerts, comedy shows, and whatnot. This is a one-stop destination for anyone looking for a day filled with plenty of entertaining activities.

How to go there: 
Take a metro from any of the three metro stations- Berri-UQAM Metro, Saint-Laurent Metro, and Place-des-Arts Metro.

Sun shines over groups of people walking through Montreal's cultural district during a festival

17.  Biosphere

The Biosphere is one of the best Montreal places to visit in the summer. The Biosphere is a museum dedicated to the environment. It is the only environmental museum in North America, with creative exhibitions and interactive activities. The purpose of the museum is to educate and make aware the public of the evident links between people and the environment. The museum is also an architectural wonder, housed in a sphere.

How to go there: 
Take a train from Station Berri-UQAM 4 station to Jean-Drapeau station.

Hours of operation:
Tuesday- Sunday- 9 am–4:30 pm
Monday- Closed

Admission fees:
$15 for adults
$12 for seniors, and 
$10 for students with a valid ID

Close up of the Biosphere, a geodesic dome with a museum inside

18.  Montreal Botanical Garden

Make the most of Montreal's summer months by relaxing at the Botanical Garden of Montreal. With its vast collection of 22,000 plants, 30 theme-based gardens, an indoor waterfall, and various events happening all year round, the garden is a hit among couples, families, and lone travellers looking for some solitary meditative moments. Visitors can book a guided tour to explore the garden perfectly.

How to go there: 
Take a metro to Sherbrooke or Pie-Ix and walk for 6 minutes to reach your destination.

Hours of operation:
Tuesday- Sunday- 9 am- 5 pm
Monday - Closed

Admission fees:
Child: $11
Student: $16
Adult: $22
Senior: $20

Shrubs, trees and a turquoise lake in a Japanese garden in the Montreal Botanical Gardens

19.  Jean-Drapeau Park

Summer temperatures in Montreal, Canada are usually between 24 and 28 °C, which is quite hot and humid. The best way to beat the Montreal heat is to visit Jean-Drapeau Park. It offers the perfect destination for a relaxing time out in the summer sun. Walk, have a picnic, or sit and bask in the view, this place offers something for every soul. You can trail through the islands, go hiking, swim in one of the best outdoor swimming pools in Canada, enjoy a bike tour, go canoeing and kayaking, and lots more. It is a summer favorite for many.

How to go there:
Take a line 4 subway from Jean-Drapeau station and then walk to the park for 9 minutes.

Hours of Operation:
6 am – 10 pm

Admission fee: 

Parc Jean-Drapeau, St. Lawrence river and Montreal city skyline from above in fall

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Montreal famous for?

Montreal is famous for its culture, heritage structures, hockey team, outdoor activities, and food.

Is Montreal safe?

Generally speaking, yes. Montreal is quite a safe tourist destination with a low crime rate.

What to do in Montreal when it's hot?

Some of the best things to do and places to visit near Montreal in summer when temperatures rise are to walk Mile End or Quartier Des Spectacles, have a picnic at Jean Drapeau Park, shop at Mont-Royal Avenue, or enjoy rides at La Ronde.

What is the most beautiful part of Montreal?

Belvedere Kondiaronk, Mont Royal Park, Notre Dame Basilica, Parc Jean Drapeau, etc. are some of the most beautiful parts of Montreal.

What should I not miss in Montreal?

Mount Royal, Notre-Dame Basilica, Sainte Catherine Street, Old Montreal, and Montreal Botanical Garden are some of the places one should not miss visiting in Montreal.

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