Traveler with suitcase in airport

Travel Guide

Why You Should Use A Travel Advisor Post Pandemic

The world has changed and so has travel: a travel advisor can help ensure a smooth trip.

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Traveling soon? From recommendations and addressing frequently-asked questions to updates on travel requirements, we've got your answers here.

Rocky Mountaineer train going around Morant's Curve in the Canadian Rockies

Best of Canada

7 Canadian Train Journeys to Book Right Now

A variety of voyages to appeal to every traveler.
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Two people laugh while wearing red ponchos in front of Niagara Falls

Travel Guide

Insider Guide to Travel in Canada

The answers to our most-frequently-asked questions: from time zones to tipping practices.
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Three women holding ice glasses and saying cheers

Travel Guide

5 Reasons to Book Your Winter Vacation with Fresh Tracks Canada

When Fall comes Canadians get excited because Winter is just around the corner.
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Lake Louise Lake Agnes

Canadian Insider

The Best Time to Travel to Canada

Each season in this beautiful country offers plenty of reasons to visit.
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